Programs and Services

Our Model:

WestSide Baby provides children's essentials to local families by partnering with established local social service agencies already assisting low-income families. Agencies order items from us and deliver them to families who are homeless, living in transitional housing, or simply in need of a little help during a difficult time.  We are not able to do "direct service" to families but work instead through our agency partners. 

Everything we collect is inspected, sorted and stored in our operations center in the White Center area of Seattle, Washington. Once the items have been evaluated, they are used to fill the wish lists of service care providers such as food and clothing banks, public health nurses, family support workers, and DSHS social workers. These service providers work directly with families and are able to assess their most urgent needs.

Since opening in 2001, we have distributed nearly $12 million in clothing, toys, diapers, safety equipment and other items. In 2013, we served more than 24,000 children!

 Current List of Most Needed Items (October 2014):