Diaper Bank

Do a Diaper Drive!

Everyone loves to gather needed items to help others. We make it easy for you to run a diaper drive at your school, business, club, or church. Download our Diaper Drive Tip Sheet and get started today!


Why are Diapers so Important?

One of the most important health and safety essentials WestSide Baby provides is diapers and training pants for low-income families. Why? Because a child that sits in the same diaper all day is vulnerable to diaper rash, infections, even abuse. Think about it... a wet, poopy baby cries long and hard until getting changed. 

Diapers are not covered by Food Stamps or WIC programs but are regularly required for day care services.  To keep an infant in clean diapers, can cost an average of $70 to $100 per month.

Why not cloth diapers?

Most daycare centers require the use of disposable diapers for children, and most clinical settings, like crisis shelters, use disposable diapers for a combination of ease and sanitation.

Washing cloth diapers can be a burden on low income families who have to travel to the laundromat after work, often with children in tow.

Facts and Figures

  • Take-home pay for a family in Washington state with one full-time wage-earner at