Hosting a Donation Drive

Thank you for your interest in hosting a donation drive for WestSide Baby!

What better way to give back to your community than by collecting items to help local kids in need? Some creative drive ideas include:

  • Hosting a dinner party drive
  • Doing a drive at your school
  • Putting up a collection bin at your work
  • Gather the support of your church
  • Selling lemonade in the summer to raise money for diapers
  • Collecting diapers for your birthday

You choose the when and where you want to host your drive and we'll send you a kit with all the tools you'll need like posters and information about WestSide Baby! To sign up to host a donation drive, email Virginia McFadin, Event & Outreach Project Manager, or give her a call at (206) 686-6548.


Your donation drive will ensure that we can fill more orders and help more families

work toward creating safe and nurturing environments for their kids.





Collect Diapers - Diaper Drive Tip Sheet Here

Donate Car Seats - Car Seat Donation Facts Here

How to donate clothing and other items:

  • Clean
    Make sure and clothing and equipment is clean.

  • Complete
    Include all pieces and parts to equipment, children's games and toys. Instructions for cribs and straps for highchairs are necessary before we can pass them along. If you have them, please include them.

  • Compliant
    Please throw away or order kits for equipment that has been recalled or that is missing pieces. For information on product recalls, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission at

  • Considerate
    Please bring items to designated drop off sites or to our location during business hours. We can't accept donations left outside our facility and then have to pay to dispose of the items.

Thank you for supporting WestSide Baby. Your donated items are making life better for local families!