Donate CarSeats

Important information about Donating Car Seats

WestSide Baby relies heavily on redistributing gently used car seats. Each donated seat is checked using a process designed by a Certified Car Seat technician to ensure its safety prior to redistribution. In 2014, we aim to provide more than 750 car seats to local children in need.


Donated seats MUST meet the following requirements:

  1. Be less than 6 years old (or have a “use until date” stamped in plastic on the back of the seat if it exceeds 6 years). Manufacture dates are located either on the side or under your car seat, usually on a sticker that includes a model number and date of manufacture.

  2. Have not been in an accident. Please attach a note with your name and contact information including the following statement: "This car seat has not been involved in a vehicle accident."

  3. Have not been washed with harsh chemicals, like bleach. Although we love to receive clean items, bleaching the straps impacts the webbing, as it easily frays, allowing children to come out of the seat in a crash.

  4. Have not been recalled. Whenever possible, please visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission at to quickly review whether your seat has been recalled. You may be surprised. Many issues can be addressed by ordering a part (usually free of charge from the manufacturer). This individual effort on your part allows us to move items through safely and quickly.

How come there are so many restrictions, you may wonder? Car seats are made of mostly plastic, which decomposes over time due to fluctuations in car temperatures, use and rough handling. As it breaks down, the integrity of the seat is compromised. In some cases, it can actually do more harm than not being in a safety seat at all. Recall issues are surprising and sometimes frustrating, but WestSide Baby must follow those guidelines, your effort helps us tremendously.


Have a seat that can’t be Re-Used?  We are working with sevaral local programs to try and come up with a solution to this issue.  Please check back for resources on where to take them.