WestSide Baby

WestSide Baby, in partnership with our community, provides essential items to local children in need by collecting and distributing diapers, clothing and equipment.

Since opening in 2001, we have distributed nearly $12 million in diapers, clothing, equipment and other critical items. In 2013, we served over 24,000 children!  We provide our items in partnership with more than 80 social service agencies working directly with families.



We partner with our community to collect items for local children in need and distribute them through more than 80 social service agencies working directly with clients.  The experts at those agencies assess the needs of a family, place orders with us and then deliver these essentials to King County families.  More than $1 million in items are donated by our community annually.  Our volunteers sort items and get them ready to be distributed to our partners.  Volunteers are a critical part of getting items into the hands of those in need. 

 Food stamps do not cover diapers - We provided 826,000 diapers to families in 2013.

We provided 5,176 bags of clothing to children.

Lack of or improperly installed car seats are a leading cause of injury to King County children
- We provided 628 free car seats last year.